Foxtrot Family Concerts - October 13th

We are looking forward to our next Family Concerts on Saturday October 13th when we will be bringing you on a merry musical adventure with our line up of a thieving magpie, a cunning fox and a little elephant !

Our local hero, Gaspard the Fox, is an urban fox brought to life in a new children’s book written by author  Zeb Soanes. You may remember  Zeb, who narrated our last family concert ‘The Christmas Carol’! 

Zeb’s official website gives more background of Gaspard with some enlightening interviews with Zeb about how this fox came to life, where his name came from,  and importantly where you can buy the book!

Our super creative composer conductor Leo Geyer has teamed up once again with Zeb to imagine the musical colours that will enhance not only the adventures of Gaspard, but also Baba the elephant and of course not forgetting that thieving magpie! 

Zeb Soanes with the real ‘Gaspard’, and his bike…

Zeb Soanes with the real ‘Gaspard’, and his bike…

Leo immediately made the connection to Beethoven’s 6th Symphony, the Pastoral symphony, when he first read Zeb’s book. He found imagery linking the two compositions. For example in Movt. 2 – ‘Zene am Bach’ –( Scene by the brook) - this represents Gaspard by the canal. Another example, is found in  Movt. 3 –‘Lustiges Zusammensein der Landleute’ (- Merry gathering of country folk) – the melody played by the brass section representing heavy folk music is a perfect pairing for the scene where Gaspard meets the squeeze-box player!

Come along on Sat 13th at either 2pm or 4pm when Zeb will join Leo and the orchestra for our lyrical Adventure of the Animals!